I didn’t go anywhere without my hat. I was self-conscious about meeting women and hanging out with my buddies. Then I said what 30-year old lives like this. That’s when I came to Canadian Institute of Hair and after hearing stories of other young adults getting hair transplant surgery, I went for it. Best decision of my life because now I’m getting married to a beautiful woman.

Posted By : Alex

After my hair transplant surgery, I noticed I was getting more compliments from my girlfriends so I told them what I had done. Many of them revealed concerns about their own hair loss problems and after referring them to Canadian Institute of Hair, two of my friends also had surgery and one had started clinical treatments. We’re all so very happy; thanks to Canadian Institute of Hair.

Posted By: Carla

I had put this off for too long because of the fear of the healing process. What a mistake that was, as I was back on the ice – helmet and everything – after only missing one game. Thanks for all your help, very much appreciated.

Posted By: Michael

Please allow me to properly thank you on behalf of my husband who is happier than ever with the new, younger look. David just simply smiles (big) a lot more now.

Posted By: Margaret

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