Hair Systems

Enjoy a full head of hair with a non-surgical custom made hair system.

Using advanced technology and artistry, we will expertly restore a totally natural front hairline. We use just the right amount of fine hairs in different densities that blend subtly on to your forehead, creating a soft and unnoticeable transition from receding or thinning hair to a completely natural hairline.

Check out our Before & After Photos of clients who have chosen the hair system method.

This method ensures that your hairline is aesthetically perfect and is available to both men and women. This procedure starts at just $800 and up, and you can have a full head of hair in as little as 6 weeks!

In addition to making these custom hair systems, we also service and show you how you can properly maintain your purchase.

Our facility is modern and clean with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Our stylist is talented and expertly trained in the latest technology. Stop being a victim of hair loss today and call for a free consultation!

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