The Canadian Institute of Hair and Scalp Specialists Responds to Recent Study Claiming Certain Supplements Improve Female Hair Loss Conditions

The Canadian Institute of Hair and Scalp Specialists (, a Toronto-based organization offering hair loss treatment for over 25 years, is responding to a recent study making claims that certain nutritional supplements can improve conditions of hair loss in women.

A recent study tested the effects nutritional supplements would have on 120 women. The group was split equally between pre-menopausal and postmenopausal (both treatment and control groups) and given supplements containing fish oil, blackcurrant seed oil, vitamin E, vitamin C, and lycopene. These supplements were taken over a period of six months, with each woman using neutral shampoo during the same duration. After the six months was complete, close to 90% of the women in the testing group said their hair density and diameter improved and reported a reduction of hair loss. (Source: Mitchell, D., “Female Hair Loss Improves with Certain Nutrients,”, March 21, 2015;

“With over 40% of women affected by hair loss right now, it’s important to discuss alternative ways in which females can combat this issue,” says Ken Robson, founder of The Canadian Institute of Hair and Scalp Specialists. “Not many valid options currently exist for women who suffer from hair loss. There’s Rogaine, which is also used by men, and then not too much else since that has actually been proven to work effectively and consistently.”

Robson explains that although hair loss isn’t directly life-threatening, it can have a significant impact on how women lead their lives. Many tend to put value in their hair and the psychological trauma of losing it or it thinning out can possibly impact friendships and even initiate physical ailments.

“Having to deal with hair loss can emotionally torment both women and men,” he adds. “It negatively affects confidence and face-to-face interactions. That’s why we are so proud to be in the hair restoration field—because we actually change lives.”

“The results of this study are encouraging,” Robson concludes. “Obviously, one study doesn’t mean every female should run out and purchase these supplements, but what it does do is set a foundation for more studies to be conducted and in the meantime gives women currently dealing with hair loss some options.”

The Canadian Institute of Hair and Scalp Specialists helps women who are looking for ways to restore their hair. The company is completely open and upfront and offers a complimentary evaluation to determine ideal candidates. For more information, visit

by Ken Robson

In business since August 1, 1986, I am the president and also a client at The Canadian Institute of Hair & Scalp Specialists. Having worked with a team of Doctors and Chemists over the years I have compiled a great deal of knowledge in this area, originally involved with a Pharmaceutical company manufacturing vitamins for the hair loss industry. Years ago I was fascinated by the new developments in this area as my own hair was beginning to thin. Studying Trichology at the Toronto clinic I then opened my own office and have enjoyed it ever since.

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