Hair Transplant Cost in Toronto

If you’re a resident of the Greater Toronto Area and are considering a hair transplant, you may be wondering about the cost. At The Canadian Hair Transplant Clinic, we provide hair transplant surgery at an affordable cost.

Current Hair Transplant Trends

Over the past 30 years, trends in the hair transplant industry have come and gone. In the past, both men and women simply wanted hair transplants wherever the hair loss and thinning was most prevalent. Now, it is becoming increasingly common for men who have trouble growing prominent facial hair or for transgender men to also request beard transplants. For women, the most popular trend right now is having thicker and more defined eyebrows; this means that more and more women are getting eyebrow transplants.

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Factors That Affect the Hair Transplant Cost

The cost of a hair transplant is also determined by how extensive the procedure is. The price of having a few hairs transplanted will be relatively low in comparison to the cost of transplanting a full scalp. Here are a few factors that affect the cost:

The Number of Hair Strands Transplanted

Typically, the doctor calculates the amount of hair required to cover the affected area in units and then charges per unit (the price per unit varies from clinic to clinic). Then the doctor determines how many holes need to be drilled into the patient’s scalp to transplant the hair and the patient is given a clicker to keep track of each hole during the procedure. This way, the patient is fully aware of what they are getting and they can do a very rough calculation of how much they will be paying before applicable taxes.

The Technology Used

The type of technology used for each session depends on the type of hair transplant procedure the patient is having done. It can also depend on the clinic’s reputation and integrity, and how well established it is. Clinics that have been around a lot longer than others will have the funding for the latest and most advanced hair transplant technology, whereas clinics that are fairly new and less established might be using second-rate, older, or previously used equipment.

The Doctor’s Experience Level

Doctors with limited experience tend to charge less than doctors with more experience because they are still trying to build up a client base. But this does not necessarily mean that you are getting the best deal. Sometimes it is better to pay a little more in order to get better service.

The Number of Grafts Needed

The number of grafts can also affect the cost because usually the unit number appears to be smaller than the number of individual hairs. The problem with this method is there is no way of telling exactly how many units were transplanted once the procedure is complete and the resulting bill will reflect that. This puts the patient at a disadvantage because they do not necessarily know if they are being fairly or accurately charged.

The Number of Sessions Needed

Some clinics prefer to charge by the session rather than the number of grafts or hair strands transplanted. This is problematic because it means that no matter what the procedure, the length of the session, and the amount of work done by the doctor, every patient pays the same amount. This is unfair because some sessions can run a lot longer than others and some procedures might actually cost the clinic less money to perform than others.

The Reputation and Location of the Hair Clinic

Different countries have varying health standards and some clinics merely give the illusion of being a reputable and sanitary establishment, while others genuinely adhere to the highest medical standards. Many European and Asian clinics do not necessarily adhere to the highest sanitation or medical standards, but they claim to do so in advertisements in hopes of attracting more North American patients. This is why it is always important to not only consider cost when looking into different clinics, but to also scrutinize their online reviews.

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost In Canada? The Canadian Hair Transplant Clinic

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost In Canada?

On average, the cost of doing a hair transplant procedure is about $5,000 in Toronto, depending on the nature of the procedure and the extent of the work required. At The Canadian Hair Transplant Clinic, our rates start as low as $3,000 and may increase depending on the nature of the specific procedure and individual cases. This is why we offer free consultations beforehand. While this may sound expensive to the unfamiliar, it is actually one of the most affordable treatments in Toronto.

If our low costs still feel beyond your financial reach, we also provide financing as part of our hair loss treatment options. And with regular specials, the cost of a hair transplant in Toronto no longer needs to hold you back from having a full head of hair.  

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Why Choose Our Hair Clinic for Hair Transplant Surgery?

If our low costs still feel beyond your financial reach, we also provide financing as part of our hair loss treatment options. And with regular specials, the cost of a hair transplant in Toronto no longer needs to hold you back from having a full head of hair.

At The Canadian Hair Transplant Clinic, we offer the following:

Experienced Trichologists in Toronto and the GTA

Our trichologists have over 20 years of experience performing hair transplant surgeries, grafts, and other procedures. We have very helpful and dedicated staff who will be there throughout the entire process and give you anything you may need.

Multiple Hair Treatment Options

We offer a plethora of hair treatment options, from grafts to transplants to different kinds of injections. We are prepared to do whatever the situation and the patient call for.

Advanced Hair Treatment Technology and Equipment

All our equipment at The Canadian Hair Transplant Clinic is the latest state-of-the-art technology that is available in the industry today. We make sure that it is all properly maintained and sanitized as needed.

Preferred and Trusted Hair Clinic in Toronto

Over the years, we have developed a very strong customer base that stands by our work and what our clinic stands for. We work hard every day to ensure that our patients are completely satisfied with their new hair. The positive online reviews speak for themselves. We like to think that we do not simply provide new hair to our patients, but we also help provide happiness and confidence.

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