What Type of Doctors Treat Hair Loss?

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lupus hair loss treatmentHair loss can be a very elusive condition that’s difficult to diagnose for a lot of physicians, which is why extensive tests and examinations are sometimes necessary to get to the root of the problem. In some cases, it’s not entirely a standalone issue; rather, it’s symptomatic of other deeper and sometimes more serious underlying health problems or conditions. Hormone imbalances, autoimmune disorders, treatments and medications for illnesses, various skin conditions, and genetic predispositions are all probable culprits. In fact, the list of possible causes runs about a mile long making it extremely difficult for those who suffer from hair loss to know exactly what kind of doctor can treat their hair loss, which hair loss clinics in places like Detroit they can go to, and which treatments will work for them.

Importance of Choosing the Right Doctor to Treat Hair Loss

If you live in Detroit and are seeking hair loss treatment, then the best place start your search is by speaking to your general practitioner (GP). They’ll usually have a comprehensive understanding of your medical history, and they can run general tests that could reveal sudden physical irregularities in your system or indicate if your medications are triggering your hair loss. They should also be able to determine whether your hair loss is a natural genetic predisposition.

If your hair loss raises any concerns, your GP can refer you to other physicians who specialize in specific medical fields that are also related to hair loss. It’s important to look into the problem immediately so that you can figure out what’s causing your hair loss and quickly find effective treatment options. Keep in mind that doctors who treat hair loss might recommend different treatment options for different sexes depending on the cause of the issue. Certain medical conditions can have different adverse medical effects on men and women, and sometimes one of the sexes is naturally more prone to suffer certain conditions.

Medical Professionals Who Can Treat Your Hair Loss

There are numerous types of doctors and health professionals who can treat and help you manage your hair loss in numerous ways. The following are just a few specialists who are experts in the field of hair loss treatment and hair regeneration.


Technically, trichologists aren’t doctors and they can’t legally prescribe hair loss treatments or medications. However, they’re still professionals in the field of hair and scalp, and they’re qualified to work alongside your health practitioners to recommend certain lifestyle changes that can help you reverse the effects of your hair loss. These lifestyle changes include improving your diet to consume more vegetables and protein, incorporating certain exercise routines into your daily life, as well as all-natural remedies to help reverse the effects of your hair loss.


Dermatologists are hair and skin specialists, which means they should be able to identify any topical skin conditions or weaknesses in your hair that might be causing it to fall out in abundance. A dermatologist who specializes particularly in hair loss can prescribe individual treatment options and medications, such as cortisone injections and topical or oral medications that promote fast hair follicle recovery and hair reproduction.


Endocrinologists are experts in hormonal development and the organs that produce certain hormones in the human body. They can detect and diagnose hormonal imbalances and whether your body produces too much or too little of a certain hormone that’s pertinent to healthy bodily function. A very common cause of hair loss for both all genders is the overproduction of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a variant of the testosterone that’s present in all humans to a certain extent.


Oftentimes, hair loss is a symptom of insufficient nutrients being processed in our bodies. A good nutritionist will start your treatment by asking specific questions that are designed to pinpoint parts of your diet that are missing key vitamins and nutrients that contribute to cell regeneration and hair growth. They’ll also work alongside your doctor to find appropriate treatment options and dietary plans to help get you back on track to good health.

You can even combine the expertise offered by all of these different healthcare professionals to create a comprehensive action plan against your hair loss.

How to Determine What Kind of Hair Loss Doctor You Need

As with any other potentially serious physical ailment, the best way to determine what kind of doctor you need, as well as which treatment options are most suitable for your situation, is to obtain multiple opinions on the matter. Comparing and contrasting between a wide variety of medical perspectives will help you make as informed a decision as possible when it comes to your health. You should also always keep your GP in the loop when it comes to anything that could affect your health or be perceived as a symptom of something else. In fact, your GP should always remain an active member of your medical team and hair loss treatment because they can provide some helpful insights regarding your overall health to the other medical professionals working on your case. Every little tidbit of background information is essential to implementing a strong, all-encompassing, and fitting treatment plan to combat and reverse hair loss.
Think of your DNA, your family history, and your own medical history as a metaphorical roadmap to your own good health. All of these components work together to reveal telling clues about your body and why it behaves the way it does.

Find a Hair Loss Specialist Doctor Near You

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