Best Hair Restoration Treatments for Buffalo Residents

Portrait Of A Mature Man Smiling At The Camera

Portrait Of A Mature Man Smiling At The Camera

Hair Restoration Treatment for Men
Hair loss in men can occur for any number of reasons; it can be hereditary, due to medication, or caused by an underlying medical condition. Hair loss affects men differently as well, either leaving them with pattern baldness, causing hair to fall out in patchy spots, or leading to hair thinning.

There are a number of hair restoration treatments available to men, including hair transplant surgery, as well as hair systems for those who would prefer a less invasive procedure. The type of treatment you undergo depends on your preferences. If your hair is starting to fall out and you’re seeking help, speak to a specialist about your options.

Hair Restoration Treatments for Women
Hair loss doesn’t just affect men; women can also be affected. The causes are the same: a family history, medical conditions, or medication. Female hair loss can also occur if you are experiencing menopause or are pregnant.

There are a number of hair restoration options available for women, including hair transplants, hair systems, and other ways to promote the growth of hair or treat existing conditions. If your hair is starting to fall out, it may only be temporary and require a non-invasive treatment.

Regardless of your gender and the severity of your hair loss, there are ways to treat it that are affordable and non-invasive.

Cost of Hair Restoration
There are a number of hair loss treatment options for Buffalo residents, many of which are available at a low cost. There’s also the option of making a trip to nearby Toronto, Canada; while you think this option would be costly due to the extra distance, it can actually be surprisingly affordable!

Why the Canadian Institute of Hair and Scalp Specialists?
For those suffering from hair loss, the Canadian Institute of Hair and Scalp Specialists offers a number of treatment options. Know that our services aren’t just for patients in the Greater Toronto Area; those looking for hair treatment in Buffalo are encouraged to make the trip to our offices, too!

For Americans near the border, our hair loss treatments cost less than they do in Buffalo, making a mini-vacation to Toronto well worth it; after all, if you’re undergoing hair fall treatment, it will require an overnight stay. Toronto offers many wonderful options for visitors, ranging from shopping to fine dining. If you’re looking for hair loss treatment near Buffalo, contact the Canadian Institute of Hair and Scalp Specialists for more information or to book an appointment today!

by Ken Robson

In business since August 1, 1986, I am the president and also a client at The Canadian Institute of Hair & Scalp Specialists. Having worked with a team of Doctors and Chemists over the years I have compiled a great deal of knowledge in this area, originally involved with a Pharmaceutical company manufacturing vitamins for the hair loss industry. Years ago I was fascinated by the new developments in this area as my own hair was beginning to thin. Studying Trichology at the Toronto clinic I then opened my own office and have enjoyed it ever since.

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