Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss in Women?

smoke and hairloss

These days, it’s pretty common knowledge that cigarettes contain thousands of toxic chemicals, including carcinogens. These can wreak tremendous havoc on your body, especially if you’re a long-term smoker who indulges in large quantities of cigarettes daily. Aside from the obvious lung cancer, smoking can lead to a whole host of other physical illnesses, ailments, and severe side effects—particularly for female smokers. While smoking doesn’t have a direct connection to hair loss in women, and not all women who smoke are guaranteed to lose their hair as a result of their bad habit, smoking certainly appears to increase their chances of going bald a lot faster.  Continue reading

Fascinating New Research Shows Correlation Between Defective Tregs and Hair Loss

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Until recently, the cause of male and female pattern baldness was largely a mystery. Many researchers, dermatologists, doctors, and hair growth specialists would just chalk it up to hormonal imbalances, genetic predispositions, or an autoimmune disorder such as alopecia areata. While there’s substantial scientific evidence to support all of these explanations, new research has emerged with a different and totally unexpected possible indirect cause of hair loss: defective Tregs. This discovery could be the key to more plausible and effective baldness treatments for both men and women. Continue reading

What Are the Signs of Hair Loss in Men and Women?

Signs of Hair Loss in Men and Women

Signs of Hair Loss in Men and WomenDid you know that most people shed an average of about 100-125 strands of hair per day? If you happen to have shoulder length or longer hair, then that number might be slightly higher. So, don’t be alarmed if every time you run your fingers through your hair, a few strands fall out. This is perfectly natural, especially if you only wash your hair about three times per week. But, if you’re legitimately concerned that you’re losing an abnormal amount of hair rapidly, then there are a few different signs of hair loss you should be looking for in both men and women. A trusted health professional will be able to determine whether your hair loss is normal. Continue reading

Why Hair Care and Maintenance Is Important

Why Hair Care and Maintenance Is Important Generally speaking, hair care is of the utmost importance in ways that you might not realize. Even if you’re not one to elaborately style your hair on a daily basis, having a full head of hair is still preferable to losing your hair at an early age.

Unfortunately, there’s a great deal of social stigma surrounding hair loss, which can make it very difficult for people who suffer from genetic disorders or illnesses that cause their hair to fall out to cope. Aside from the shame and embarrassment many people face, however, there’s also another important reason to take good care of your hair. The condition of your hair is a strong reflection of your overall health. Your hair is a good indicator of whether or not your body is receiving and processing a sufficient amount of vitamins and nutrients to keep you in good health. Always pay attention to what your hair is telling you! Continue reading